by Victoria Thompson  
Kensington Publishing 1986


She was backed into a corner, and he knew it--the varmint.  It was either accept Jack Sinclair's vile proposal of marriage or sell the Colson Ranch--and that was the one thing pretty Maggie Colson would never do.  He might get his hands on her.  Not as long as she could hide her scorching need every time his smoldering eyes raked over her creamy flesh.  And not while she could fight the traitorous rush of pure desire that heated her blood under the onslaught of his demanding kisses…


Jack had to admire the stubborn little spitfire--there was no quit to her.  To get what he wanted, he'd have to resort to marriage, the one thing he'd sworn was not for him.  But she obviously didn't have the sense to know when she was beaten, and he wasn't about to let a woman rule his life--or his bed.  If it took until dawn, he'd subdue her honey-sweet lips and watch her sea-green eyes deepen to emerald with passion.  He'd turn her words into cries of exquisite pleasure, begging him to make her his own Texas Vixen.
ISBN: 0821718231
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Victoria Thompson
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