MURDER ON MARBLE ROW by Victoria Thompson
Berkley Hardcover June 1, 2004 - Softcover June 7, 2005
As a turn-of-the-century midwife in New York City’s tenements, Sarah Brandt has seen more than her share of joy and sorrow, birth and death. Now, in this new novel in the Edgar-nominated series,she’s drawn into a politically-charged case where her help is not wanted-but is very much needed. 

When an explosion kills wealthy industrialist Gregory Van Dyke, Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt presumes that anarchists are responsible and personally asks Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy to track them down. Malloy is up to the challenge - but he faces a different kind of challenge when he encounters Sarah Brandt paying a condolence call on the Van Dykes. Faced with the impossibility of ever expressing his true feelings for Sarah, Frank had vowed never to see or work with her again.

For her part, Sarah is glad to be working with Malloy once again in his hunt for a dangerous killer - though they clash over his conviction that the murder was politically motivated. Frank would like to dismiss her concerns, but whether he likes it or not he needs Sarah’s help, because as she knows - and he is about to discover - the marble facades of Fifth Avenue hide as many dark and twisted secrets as any tenement on the Lower East Side.

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ISBN: 0425196100 Hardcover
ISBN: 0425198707 Softcover
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Victoria Thompson
Clever. Historical. Murder.
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