MURDER ON LENOX HILL by Victoria Thompson
Berkley Hardcover June 6, 2005 - Softcover June 1, 2006
As a midwife working in the tenements of turn-of-the-century New York, Sarah Brandt has witnessed her share of joy and misery, birth and death. Now, in the latest installment of the Edgar-nominated series, Sarah finds herself in the thick of a scandal that threatens to ruin not only one upstanding family, but an entire community.

When the affluent Lintons of Lenox Hill summon Sarah Brandt to examine their teenage daughter, their worst fear is confirmed: She is with child. The pregnancy is a mystery, however, as the young woman – mentally still a child herself – is never left on her own and denies that any man has ever hurt her.

To help her discover who is responsible, Sarah, after much prodding, enlists the aid of her friend, Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy, who is reluctant to get involved, since no crime has been reported. It’s a delicate investigation, casting suspicion on those close to the Lintons, including members of their local congregation – and even their beloved minister,  the Reverend Oliver Upchurch.

But fate deals their inquiry a harsh blow when the reverend falls dead during a service – poisoned by cyanide-laced wine in his chalice. Now, Sarah and Frank must not only uncover the truth behind the Linton girl’s pregnancy, they must track down Upchurch’s killer before this entire sordid affair wreaks havoc on more innocent lives.

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Victoria Thompson
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