MURDER ON GRAMERCY PARK by Victoria Thompson
Berkley Publishing Group March 1, 2001
Detective Frank Malloy has vowed never to involve midwife Sarah Brandt in another murder investigation. His determination lasts only until he is called to the scene of a suicide and finds the dead man’s wife is in labor. By the time Sarah delivers the baby, Frank has discovered that Dr. Blackwell’s death was actually a murder. 

Once more the two of them are working together to find a killer. Because  Dr. Blackwell practiced an unusual type of “healing” and was less than honest with his friends, many people may have wanted him dead. The suspects include his wealthy father-in-law, his assistant, a slew of jealous husbands whose wives Dr. Blackwell has treated, and a mysterious man from Mrs. Blackwell’s past.  Then the Blackwell’s new baby falls ill, and Sarah uncovers a shocking family secret that leads Malloy’s investigation down a gilded path paved with greed, deception and desire.

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ISBN: 0425178862 Soft Cover Only
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Victoria Thompson
Clever. Historical. Murder.
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