Romantic Times - TOP PICK 4.5 Stars MURDER IN CHELSEA - Victoria Thompson

Thompson's latest Gaslight mystery is an intense, well-plotted puzzler that will keep you turning the pages. 
Her characters are engaging and the relationship between Frank and Sarah still dynamic. The descriptive 
setting brings the reader into the heart of old New York without becoming mired in overly detailed explanations. 
~ Roseann Marlett

INTRIGUING…a surprise ending…a very enjoyable read.”—Kate Kingsbury, author of Mistletoe and Mayhem

Thompson VIVIDLY RECREATES the gaslit world of old New York.”—Publishers Weekly

This book is the real thing.”—Mystery Scene

FIRST RATE with a vivid historical setting.”
—The Mystery Reader
ISBN-10: 0425260410
ISBN-13: 978-0425260418
Sarah Brandt is shattered when she learns that a woman has inquired at Hope’s Daughters Mission for Catherine, the abandoned child she has taken as her daughter. The woman claims she was Catherine’s nursemaid, now acting on behalf of the girl’s mother to reunite them. 

Unwilling to simply hand Catherine over to a complete stranger, Sarah asks Malloy to investigate. But when he goes to interview the woman at her tenement in Chelsea, he finds she has been murdered. Though her death leaves Sarah’s claim to Catherine unchallenged, her sense of justice compels her to work with Malloy to find the killer. 

Their search takes them from the marble mansions of the Upper West Side to the dilapidated dwellings of lower Manhattan and into the deepest and darkest secrets of Catherine’s past. And while Malloy helps Sarah determine the fate of the child she loves, he faces a challenge of his own—and his decision could change both their lives forever…

Murder in Chelsea was nominated for an Agatha Award® by Malice Domestic.

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Murder in Chelsea by Victoria Thompson
Berkley Prime Crime May 7, 2013 - Soft Cover May 6, 2014
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